Open Source Hieroglyphics 


In todays reductive culture, the idea of the infinite is slowly collapsing. The word is no longer the bond, the frontier is “known”, Language no longer contains the linearity and meaning which we once blessed it with. We exist within concentric rings of contradiction, while ignoring the labyrinth with sit in the nexus of. We use search engines for direct answers rather than encountering the context of the answer we seek through discovering in its original text. The path which was once the goal, is now becoming a systematized device which delivers us from A to B as quickly as possible. Efficiency was once ease, and now promises to be the death of creativity. Paintings, like happiness are made in tension and resistance. True images come from the gauntlet of translation from mind to physicality, and from hand to canvas. What contorts of initial instinct, the errors one encounters along the way, the imperfections that exist outside of the mental vacuum, are what defines the work. Much as though one could say the underdog flourishes from his differences. What allows us to initially exist outside of normality, to live in a vacuum or in an infinite of our own, allows us to hone the ability to translate the infinite through ourselves. The individual who is rejected, is not softened by the banalities of society, rather sharped by the systems rejection. And so, In differentness, in individualism, man turns human bondage into his unique catalyst; much as a unique mountain range presents a different challenge for the river which wears it down throughout time. For willpower and difference, form habit, and a habit without the system of society is individual enough to persevere in the face of acceptance, for it is not acceptance which defines it. The wandering from A to B, the creation of one’s own path is what defines the conduit to the the infinite, The vast unknown is only on the other side of ones mind, or hand or person. And so it is this adversity which tempers individualism, and the efficiency of social systems which destroy creativity. We all need, as rivers, new mountain ranges to run into, and those challenges are what define us. The slow persistence of time and pressure to stone, is what wares the individual path for time immemorial. Of course, the river must run for long enough to build up its momentum to push through rock, and its initial path, cut through time, will define the way which it approaches that wall of rock, but alas, Differences beget differences, and the longer one strays from compromise, the easier it becomes to embrace the alienation which is inherent to the human condition. And so, In taking resistance, as the wet stone which sharpens the blade of individualism, one must find the rhythm between ease and tension, the iambic pentameter of duality in order to shape the images which translate your mind to the world. Within this adversity, this alienation lays the commonality of the human condition, the inverted search engine, the ladder which one cannot ascend until one casts it away. We climb from the inefficient, through the answers themselves, then through the questions passing into the unknown. The questions behind the questions, the motivations behind nature in giving us an infinite which our society in its confusion has inverted. For this vacuum is not a pie which can be divided, or an unknown which can be known, it is a world in and of itself mirroring but not adhering to the laws of man. A step away that cannot be crossed by mortal mind. It is so omnipotent the one must exist without the ego, without the self and without the necessity of I, in order to see it, and It cannot be seen because it is true difference itself. It is the sun which you cannot look into, the light which cannot be captured, and the question that cannot be phrased, it requires all of human literature and painting and creativity as a testimony to its ineffability, and so we collapse this unknown, into smaller and smaller unknowns, until unknowns are just bite size contradictions and concepts which change and tire with invention and time, and truths untie themselves are we chase the quantifiable infinite we choose to see, while ignoring the Vacuum which we cannot comprehend. And so I say reverse this system of efficiency into one which brings us closer to these unknowns, Break the systems which hold your mind to principals that satiate economic needs rather than human necessity, fly to close to the sun to experience it yourself. These individuals whom we admire so much, after time has shown us our errors in rejecting them, let them set the pace of human achievement. For this system is too easy, too complacent. It is the tension that pushes humanity towards creativity. The eb and flow of belief and will that battle towards this infinite data point. The will power that created gods on Olympus and paintings in cathedrals, the wills that found images, and narratives to be the closest approximations to the communal unknowns. For If we all truly don't know, if we all confront the infinite, does not that replace the alienation which we treasure in our own systems. Throw away the ladder in order to ascend it. Cast away the concept, and these mercenaries of pseudo erudition, with their canvases of the floor, and their anti-anti atheistic images, and embrace that which cannot be spoken. The sanctity of the unknown, the uncomfortably of that which stands alone. For all which runs again the norm becomes the anti, until the organism of societies norm consumes that which is different and assimilates to the idea which itself one cast away. Art for arts sake, rather than art for art histories sake. Let us return to the hieroglyph, without the infinite we previously had in god, and rather a new infinite within ourselves and comprehension. Let us, witness the transience of concepts, the the timelessness of the human condition. Make the infinite open source, the unknown a device in owns own unknowns. A spark in order to light tomorrow nights fire. Lets push back past De Tocqueville and Hobbs and the enlightenment and back to a time when Christianity toppled Rome, and then to when man worshiped a god which his ancestors named and created. It is within the human tradition, and within the human condition, to make the world as understood as possible, and to let the arrogance of the understanding become our demise. Be it hedgehog of fox, today's man cannot escape that fact that his efficiency has burnt his bridge to the unknown, his knowning and facts and acceptances have destroyed his ability to wonder and evolve. Let these open source hieroglyphics serves as a scion of the unknown. As temples with which to wonder again. As sparks to rekindle imagination, or mirrors with which to probe through and self examination. Let these narratives, which only come through me as, I once passed through the mountain, come through you in their inversion of your usual searching. Let them be more expansive than you originally found them, let them be as organic as the ideas they germinate within you. For these images are the catalysts of your thought, as they I was simply the catalysts of their creation. The subconscious, the unknown, must exist without definition in order to be the unknown which we desire knowing. The Tao that can be spoken is not the real Tao. Let these images, as Rorsoche tests do, lead you to understanding which only rejection fosters in children, which inefficiency, ironically enough, lead to efficiency and innovation. If the world functions from equal and opposite swings of the pendulum, it is time to live within the unknown again, to search instinctually towards the resistance which once defined the characters that created today. Embrace all facts of the character, both your Ahab, your Queequeg and your Ishmael in order to tackle that which cannot be held. For the Ladder which you've be climbing, must be cast away in order to ascend it.